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Other Expenses

Application Fee

RMB400 for Undergraduate and Chinese language student


For MBBS and all postgraduate programs


RMB300 per semester

RMB 600 per year

Insurance is free for students who pay the tuition fee and register before or within the registration week.

Accommodation (per person per month)

Optional (Pay by year)

Campus of Humanities and Science

Single room (RMB 1200/month)

twin rooms(RMB 600/month)

Single rooms(RMB800-1000/month)

(except electronic fees)

A flat with 4 single rooms (RMB 900/month)

Standard room in Training CenterⅠ(RMB70/day) (Pay by semester)

Standard room in Training CenterⅡ(RMB85/day) (Pay by semester)

Campus of Medicine

Single room (RMB 1000)

A flat with 2 twin rooms(RMB 600)

★The rooms are well decorated with air-conditioner, shower bath and toilet. ★The above standard is for students who live and pay at least six months. For other details, please consult with Logistics Management Office.

Other possible expense

Room deposit

200RMB (refundable, only by providing blue receipt and ensuring the furniture and facilities in good condition)

Physical examination

Around RMB500

Residence Permit

RMB 400(within a year ); RMB800(2-3years);

RMB 1,000(more than 3 years)


RMB 200-1000per year

Tuition fee for Minor Courses

(Chinese medium) RMB500 per credit

(English medium) RMB1,000 per credit

Living expenses

RMB1,000-2,000 per month

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